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The best selling new cars of 2017

White Ford Fiesta MK8

The much anticipated list of the UK’s top ten best selling new cars of 2017 has been released and once again the Ford Fiesta is still the best selling new car in the UK according to the new figures.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders confirmed the Ford Fiesta as the UK’s best seller with the release of new car registration data for 2017.

The UK’s Best Selling New Cars Of 2017

Position Car Number of registrations
1 Ford Fiesta 94,533
2 Volkswagen Golf 74,605
3 Ford Focus 69,903
4 Nissan Qashqai 64,216
5 Vauxhall Corsa 52,722
6 Vauxhall Astra 49,370
7 Volkswagen Polo 47,855
8 Mini Hatchback 47,699
9 Mercedes C-Class 45,912
10 Mercedes A-Class 43,717

Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta still remains the UK’s best selling new car and once again it sits on top of the best seller list. The Fiesta is still way ahead of its closest rivals.

Volkswagen Golf

The VW Golf was the best selling car in December 2016 and this has helped it to finish a creditable second place, in front of the Ford Focus and the Vauxhall Corsa – which both finished ahead of it last year.

Ford Focus

The Ford Focus finishes in the same third position it has been in for the last two years. Still a top three stalwart, the Focus has never strayed from its winning formula, hence the name Focus we presume.

Nissan Qashqai

The Qashqai is becoming a serious challenger in the family hatchback category and improves on its fifth position last year.  Critics suggest the current model is getting slightly ‘long in the tooth’, so will be interesting to see where it finishes in 2018.

Vauxhall Corsa

The Corsa finished a disappointing fifth place in 2017, down from second position in 2016. If things don’t pick up it will be interesting to see what happens to the Vauxhall Corsa.

Vauxhall Astra

The Astra can be seen as a true British product (currently built in Ellesmere Port) and deserves its place in the top ten best sellers. Finished in the same position as it did in 2016.

Volkswagen Polo

The VW Polo has just entered into its sixth generation and with a new model it’ll be very interesting to see if the Polo can better the 7th position it has held for the last two years.


We said earlier that the Astra can be seen as a true British product – but nowhere near as much as the Mini (regardless of current ownership). I’ts all about the ‘Self Preservation Society’. The Mini keeps the the same position it held in 2016.

Mercedes C-Class

The Mercedes C-Class has finished in the same position as it did last year, no doubt assisted by strong business and fleet sales. The C-Class maintains its position in the UK’s top ten best sellers list.

Mercedes A-Class

Completing the 2017 top ten is the Mercedes A-Class. The A-Class failed to make the 2016 best seller list, so a top ten finish in 2017, assisted by strong fleet sales, is a good result for Mercedes.

What happened to the Audi A3?

A notable absentee from the 2017 best seller list is the Audi A3, which failed to hold on to at least the tenth position it achieved in 2016. We are currently investigating why, as it is a ‘good looker’, is a decent drive and has a top class interior.

Speaking of classy interiors, luxury Audi A3 car mats are available for the 2003-2012 and 2013-present models (including Saloon and Sportback), as well as the 8L (1996-2002), 8P1 3 Door (2003-2013), 8P7 Cabriolet (2009-2013) and 8PA Sportback (2005-2013).

Best selling Car Mats for the best selling cars

Ford Fiesta Car Mats

The Ford Fiesta has been around for a long time and has undergone a number of transformations. We manufacture luxury tailored Ford Fiesta car mats from the MK4 (1994-2002) to the MK8 (2017-present) as well as the Ford Focus ST (2002-2008).

VW Golf Car Mats

The Volkswagen Golf has also been around for a couple of years longer than the Fiesta and it too has seen a number of transformations. We manufacture luxury tailored VW Golf car mats from the MK1 (1974-1983) to the MK7 (2017-present) as well as the Volkswagen Golf Plus, Golf R32 and Golf SV (2014-present).

Ford Focus Car Mats

The Ford Focus is another car that has stood the test of time. We manufacture luxury tailored Ford Focus car mats from the MK1 (1998-2005) to the MK4 (2015-present) as well as the Focus CC (2017-present) and the Focus ST (2005-2010).

Nissan Qashqai Car Mats

The Nissan Qashqai is a relatively new kid on the block compared to the top three. We manufacture luxury tailored Nissan Qashqai car mats for the 2006-2010, 2010-2014 and 2014-present Qashqai models.

Vauxhall Corsa Car Mats

The Vauxhall Corsa has been around since 1994 and we manufacture luxury tailored Vauxhall Corsa car mats for the MK1 (1994-2001), Corsa C (2001-2006), Corsa D (2007-2013) and the Corsa E (2014-present).

Vauxhall Astra Car Mats

The Astra has been a top seller since it was launched and we manufacture luxury tailored Vauxhall Astra car mats for the Astra F (1991-1998), Astra G (1998-2004), Astra H (2004-2010), Astra J (2010-2015) and the Astra K (2015-present), as well as the Astra Twin Top (2006-2010).

Volkswagen Polo Car Mats

The Polo has been around for 43 years and is still going strong. We manufacture luxury tailored Volkswagen Polo mats for the MK3 (1994-2002), MK4 (2002-2009) and MK5 (2009-2017). Watch this space for our MK6 car mats.

Mini Car Mats

The Mini has been around the longest of all the top ten and is a real product of 60s swinging Britain. We manufacture luxury tailored Mini car mats for the original MK1 (1996-2002), as well as the BMW Mini, (2001-2006), (2006-2013), BMW Mini Coupe (2010-present), R52 (2004-2008) and R57 (2008-2016) Convertibles and RS56 (2006-2013).

Mercedes C-Class Car Mats

The C-Class remains the most popular compact executive car on sale at the moment. The interior of the C-Class speaks luxury and we manufacture luxury tailored Mercedes C-Class car mats for the 2000-2007, 2007-2010, 2011-2013 and 2014-present models.

Mercedes A-Class Car Mats

The A-Class continues to be a strong seller for Mercedes and we manufacture luxury tailored Mercedes A-Class car mats for the 1998-2005. 2005-2012 and 2012-present model, as well as the SWB (2001-2005).

Can’t wait to see which cars will be the best selling new cars of 2018 …

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