Rover Car Mats

Our Rover custom made car mats are available in 4 different grades of luxury premium high-quality carpet and are perfectly tailored to fit the interior of your Rover model. We manufacture luxury car mats for practically every model of Rover, including the Rover 25, Rover 45 and Rover CityRover, as well as earlier models such as the Rover 75 and Rover 600.

With a choice of colours and a variety of custom trim options, our tailored Rover car mats will give luxury and a touch of colour to the interior of your Rover, as well as adding extra style and sophistication.

Durable, long lasting and easy to clean, our luxury mats not only give a stylish look and feel, they will also protect the floor of your Rover from everyday wear and tear. The non- slip granulated backing which is used on all of our mats will also eliminate any unwanted movement within the car’s footwell.