Peugeot 208 Car Mats (2012-present)


Peugeot 208 Tailored Car Mats (2012-present)

These Peugeot 208 tailored car mats for the 2012-present model are available in a choice of high-quality grades of carpet, colours and a variety of custom trim options.

Carpet REQ
Select Velour £29.95 (900g/m2 Carpet) Luxury £45.95 (1500g/m2 Carpet) Executive £59.95 (1800g/m2 Carpet) Prestige £79.95 (3050g/m2 Carpet) Heavy Duty Rubber £39.95 (3mm) Extra Heavy Duty Rubber £49.95 (5mm) Standard £21.95 (650g/m2 Carpet)
Colour Grey Grey Carpet Beige Beige Carpet Light Grey Light Grey Carpet Black Rubber Black Rubber
Trim Colour Beige Nubuck Trim Beige Nubuck Trim +£5.00 Beige Trim Beige Trim +£3.00 Black Nubuck Trim Black Nubuck Trim +£5.00 Black Trim Black Trim Blue Trim Blue Trim +£3.00 Blue/Black Trim Blue & Black Trim +£3.00 Claret Trim Claret Trim +£3.00 Green/Black Trim Green & Black Trim +£3.00 Grey Nubuck Trim Grey Nubuck Trim +£5.00 Grey Trim Grey Trim Lime Green Trim Lime Green Trim +£3.00 Orange Trim Orange Trim +£3.00 Orange/Black Trim Orange & Black Trim +£3.00 Pink Trim Pink Trim +£3.00 Purple Trim Purple Trim +£3.00 Purple/Black Trim Purple & Black Trim +£3.00 Red Trim Red Trim +£3.00 Red/Black Trim Red & Black Trim +£3.00 Royal Blue Trim Royal Blue Trim +£3.00 Silver/Black Trim Silver & Black Trim +£3.00 Yellow/Black Trim Yellow & Black Trim +£3.00
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Peugeot 208 (2012-present) Tailored Car Mats

These Peugeot 208 custom made car mats come as a complete set and are perfectly tailored to fit the interior of the 2012-present model.

Available in 4 different grades of premium high-quality carpet and a variety of custom trim options, these tailored and very stylish car mats will certainly enhance the interior of your Peugeot 208.

The mats are durable and long lasting and have a non slip granulated backing to help eliminate movement within the car’s footwell.