Mazda MX5 (4-Clips) Rubber Car Mats (2015-present)


Mazda MX5 (4-Clips) tailored rubber Car Mats (2015-present)

These Mazda MX5 (4-Clips) tailored rubber car mats for the 2015-present model are available in a variety of custom trim options.



Extra Heavy Duty £49.95 (5mm) Heavy Duty £39.95 (3mm)
Black Black
Trim Colour
Black Trim Black Trim Grey Trim Grey Trim Blue Trim Blue Trim +£3.00 Red Trim Red Trim +£3.00 Purple Trim Purple Trim +£3.00 Orange Trim Orange Trim +£3.00 Claret Trim Claret Trim +£3.00 Lime Green Trim Lime Green Trim +£3.00 Royal Blue Trim Royal Blue Trim +£3.00 Beige Trim Beige Trim +£3.00 Pink Trim Pink Trim +£3.00 Silver/Black Trim Silver & Black Trim +£3.00 Red/Black Trim Red & Black Trim +£3.00 Blue/Black Trim Blue & Black Trim +£3.00 Green/Black Trim Green & Black Trim +£3.00 Orange/Black Trim Orange & Black Trim +£3.00 Purple/Black Trim Purple & Black Trim +£3.00 Yellow/Black Trim Yellow & Black Trim +£3.00
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Mazda MX5 (2015-present)(4-Clips) Rubber Car Mats

These Mazda MX5 (4-Clips) custom made rubber car mats come as a complete set and are perfectly tailored to fit the interior of the 2015-present model.

Available in a variety of custom trim options, these tailored and very stylish rubber car mats will certainly enhance the interior of your Mazda MX5.

The mats are durable and long lasting and have a non slip granulated backing to help eliminate movement within the car’s footwell.